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These days they show up more and more: clusters. They are a relatively new phenomenon and because of this we do not yet know a lot about them. For example, what makes a cluster a good cluster? Cluster Excellence can help to answer these types of questions. These services by KplusV combine all of our cluster knowledge and expertise.

Brief definition
Let’s start with a good, concise definition. What exactly is a cluster? According to us it is a collaboration between companies in a geographical proximity that pursue a joint goal and heavily focus on economic impact. Their goal can be innovation or export, but also cooperation in the sector or value chain. They always operate on the basis of a strategic vision with an action agenda for multiple years.

Cluster management is the key to success
Because the number of clusters has been increasing significantly for a number of years, cluster management becomes more important. For how do you make a cluster effective, distinctive and future-proof? Even though this importance is emphasised, it turns out to be difficult to act on it. So far, precious little research has been conducted into clusters. Moreover, best practices are lacking (because what works for one party does not work for another party).

Cluster Excellence ingredients
KplusV knows better than anyone how to set up and manage partnerships, supported by the business community and in line with the policy frameworks of governments. We have now bundled our years of experience with ecosystems, knowledge platforms and innovation networks, resulting in Cluster Excellence. Hereby we can guide you through all of your cluster stages:

  • Creation > Is there sufficient concentration of activities and a supported vision to realise your cluster idea? What do you pay attention to when you create a cluster? For instance, are your activities in line with your vision and is there enough financing to achieve the right results?
  • Benchmark and evaluation > How do you perform in relation to comparable clusters? And how effective are your strategy and policy?
  • Management > We can assist you as a project manager or coach.
  • Performance improvements > How can you better organise the composition, management, financing, strategy, services and recognition of your cluster?

Benchmark highlighted
Our benchmark is a scientifically substantiated method set up by ESCA, the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis. KplusV is trained and certified to carry out this benchmark. A cluster is compared with over 800 other clusters. If the benchmark indicates that you are on the right track, you will receive a bronze label in cluster excellence. Recognition for your hard work, but it also serves to strengthen the confidence of your financial backers, among others.

Exchange ideas with us
Do you have plans to form a cluster? Or do you wish to further develop one? A team of experts is ready to assist you with this. Why not exchange ideas with our consultants Brechtje Vreenegoor or Eric Copius Peereboom?


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