Hendrik van der Meulen

CEO and consultant

+31 6 27 08 55 73


Hendrik is a senior consultant striving to stimulate entrepreneurship, consulting both companies and governments. His areas of expertise include innovation, strategy and business development, as well as stakeholder and project management. He also assists companies in the phase of prestart to maturity by finding the right sources of alternative finance.

With years of experience leading informal investing platforms and helping ventures, Hendrik gained in-depth knowledge of the intricacy related to innovation, funding, start-ups and scale-ups. In addition, he does not only advise entrepreneurs, but he is also an entrepreneur himself: as CEO of KplusV.


drs. Hendrik van der Meulen

+31 6 27 08 55 73

What does KplusV stand for?

In collaboration with our clients, we find innovative solutions for important social and economic challenges. We initiate, guide and effectuate. In an independent, inspiring and driven way. Our strength is our method: a goal oriented combination of smart ideas and joint efforts.