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KplusV is a pragmatic and hands-on consultancy firm with approximately 90 employees. Our mission is to make a difference by encouraging innovation, entrepreneurship and a sustainable economy. From our offices in Amsterdam and Arnhem we provide services to both the private and public sector.

About us

Our company, founded in 1984, is the Dutch market leader in alternative finance and support to young innovative companies at achieving their goals. We advise over 150 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on a yearly basis. As such, we are familiar with the challenges they face and know what they need. To fully understand the impact of their challenges, we also conduct research. In collaboration with public and private parties we analyse economic systems, market potential and availability of alternative finance on a local, regional, national and European level. We are known for our in-depth knowledge of innovation processes, product development, business development, strategy and corporate finance.

Our professionals are dedicated to supporting both entrepreneurs and governmental organizations. With a keen eye for and experience with cross-border cooperation and matchmaking. Their activities focus on:

  • Investor readiness
  • Alternative finance
  • Ecosystems
  • Cluster excellence

Our services

Investor readiness
KplusV stimulates innovation and entrepreneurship. With all kinds of support: entrepreneurial training, building partnerships, (re)designing business models, finding the right sources of funding, etcetera. We guide entrepreneurs in writing their business plans, educate them on the expectations of investors and match them with the best investors. It is this combination that helps a SME to become investment ready and ready to scale.

Alternative finance
Since the financial crisis, banks are reluctant to fund SMEs, innovation and start-ups. Alternative sources of funding are available, but a major challenge for innovative SMEs is the lack of transparency in the alternative finance market. KplusV helps individual companies to attract alternative funding for their innovation and early growth. In addition, we educate both entrepreneur and investor on alternative finance through numerous workshops and masterclasses.

If necessary, we create new financial instruments which help individual companies, such as crowdfunding networks, business angel networks and public revolving funds. This last instrument is becoming more common in the Netherlands thanks to the expertise of KplusV. Over the years we have also performed research to assess the alternative finance market, both in national and European perspective.

A company that wants to innovate, needs different factors: money, housing, a great entrepreneur, facilities, etcetera. KplusV believes that innovative SMEs thrive best in nourishing ecosystems. The innovation ecosystem encompasses the environment in which relevant organizations, education, research institutes and the government collaborate to create the required conditions for innovation to flourish. If the ecosystem contains all the necessary resources and conditions, firms can evolve and positively influence the regional and also the national economy.

In order to create an ecosystem, the needs throughout the various phases of innovation need to be aligned. KplusV has developed the Ecosystem Canvas©, a tool to design and assess local, regional and national ecosystems.

Cluster excellence
KplusV has set up many multi-stakeholder collaborations focussing on the specific challenges that companies face in specific industries. Based on our 30 years of experience and practice with public-private partnerships and innovation ecosystems, we can assist clusters with hands-on advise. We help them with their formation and management, support them to improve their performance and evaluate their effectivity and efficiency.

Our approach is also based on the ESCA method and the 12 step approach of TCI Network. We are trained and certified to perform an European benchmark in which a cluster is compared with over 800 other clusters. If the benchmark shows that a cluster is doing well, it will receive a bronze label in cluster excellence. This is not only a recognition for its hard work and some confidence to its funders, but also a good way to learn and develop.

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Our ecosystems

KplusV designs, initiates and creates ecosystems. Always in a role which adds the highest value. We can act as project manager, consultant or program executive.